Arrayan – Mountain Inn & Tea House
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In 1936, Renée Dickinson traveled to San Martín de los Andes and was fascinated by a plain very near the town where unique views of Lake Lácar and the entire mountain range could be discovered. Then she decided that would be her place in the world.

She resolved to build a tea house and inn authorized by the National Park authorities. The venue was inaugurated in 1939. It had been projected by architect Cullen, disciple of Alejandro Bustillo.

The name was suggested by her friends, who saw a resemblance between her own appearance and that of the myrtle-trees (arrayanes). They were both tall and thin and her hear was red, just like the myrtle-tree bark.

In the Mapuche tongue, “Arrayán” means “place where the last sunbeams fall”.

As far as feelings and health were concerned, Renée’s pioneer and adventurous spirit stumbled with fate. After a very short marriage, which lasted a little more than one year, she married an English journalist in Uruguay.

Shortly afterwards, cancer put an end to her life in 1943. She was 34.

Her ashes were scattered all around the territory of Arrayán.

Her brother Barney, pilot of the R.A.F., and his wife took over Arrayán and turned it into an emblem of San Martín de los Andes. Barney became a member of the local community and a referent of mountaineering and ski, as a pioneer in Chapelco. The venue was inherited by their daughter Janet, who led Arrayán to its splendor.

In 1995, ARRAYAN was declared historical and architectural heritage and, in 1998, Janet sold the property to its present owners.

Today, she lives in a privileged site overlooking “Arrayán”. From that location, she can see how Renée’s pioneer dream and strength continue to write the history of San Martín de los Andes.

And this is so because the sacred fire of the stories of our Patagonia is present, and because taking care of and working at ARRAYAN is a commitment for those who feel that this corner of our country is also our place in the world.
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